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About Me


I am Gailbeth, and I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Thank you for coming to look at my website…I bid you welcome! 


I am very diverse... a Reiki healer, psychic medium, ordained minister, and a teacher. I consider myself to be a "New Age Jew." My feet are firmly planted with the roots of tradition and the ever-expanding growth that new knowledge brings.


I have been sensing, hearing, and seeing spirits my whole life.  As a child, it seemed rather natural (although my very grumpy great-grandmother who stood at the top of the attic stairs became the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty!), but as I grew older, this gift seemed too frightening to deal with, so I chose to block it out.  It emerged some years later when I became a paranormal investigator, and before long, I was communicating with the spirits as well as the psychics assigned to the cases I investigated. 


I was attracted to the supernatural at a very early age, and read anything I could get my hands on. I knew that many members of my family possessed varying degrees of ESP.  As a child I would regularly ride my bike to visit the cemetery and commune with those who rested there.As a teenager, I had many psychic experiences, but I found them to be rather frightening, so I turned away from that aspect of myself. For many years, I put my interests and gifts far away, back into the dark recesses of my mind. My grandmother was the only person with whom I could speak openly of such things, and she told me of her aunt Alice, a medium, who used to help people regularly;my grandmother remembered that when visiting her aunt, sometimes she was asked to sit on the porch and play quietly while Auntie spoke with a client.


As I continued my studies of spirituality and metaphysics, I emerged into the light of understanding. I am Jewish, but I now understood that all spiritual paths are valid…for they all ultimately lead the follower to the same place. I firmly believe in the power of Love, knowing that it unerringly lights the way through the Darkness.  


I joined a local paranormal investigations group, participating in science investigations, and communicating with like-minded others.  It was there I came to know myself and to fully appreciate all the gifts I had been given.  After further study and experience, I found I was able to communicate with spirits.


Eventually I began to speak with the spirits at these hauntings directly, and also counseled with the clients, and was so happy I could use my gifts to help.  I discovered that not all the spirits who were at a "haunted" house were lost, but were oftentimes family members who simply wanted to pass on messages to their loved ones.  I realized that these spirits are around their loved ones often, and that they needed a means to communicate with them.  I had found the reason I was given these gifts.


Because I have studied the many aspects of spirituality and metaphysics extensively for more than 25 years, allowing my psychic abilities to re-emerge seemed as natural as breathing.  I had counseled many spirits and helped them to go into the Light, and realized that I had also been using my psychic gifts to help the living clients as well while I investigated their homes and properties.  I am now an ordained inter-faith minister and Reiki II practitioner, and I have been able to help many with healing, both in person and “long-distance.”


Now I have attained some measure of balance in my life as a mother, a teacher of young children, and a spiritual being who is greater than the sum of my parts.  I wish to be of can I help YOU?

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